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Join one of the best kept secrets out there! This is an opportunity for you to earn money giving away FREE cell phones with FREE minutes through a special Government-supported Program. You’ll earn direct, residual and recurring commission while helping people in need to get FREE wireless phone service. Don’t wait! Join the movement today!

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Become a Q Link Agent and join one of the fastest-growing Lifeline service providers in the country. All you have to do is teach people how to get a free cell phone with free monthly minutes. Q Link Wireless will do all the rest for you!

  • Gain additional revenue

  • Create multiple streams of income

  • Decide your salary and work hours

  • Get access to a huge customer base

  • Receive personalized support

  • Join a highly-desirable program

  • Help others receive free phone service

  • Raise awareness for a great program

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Over 100 Million People Qualify for This FREE Service

Be a part of one of the largest customer bases available for the home business market. There are millions of people living in America that qualify for this FREE service. Eligible customers must be enrolled in a government assistance program or have low-income according to their state guidelines. All you have to do is show them how they can get a FREE cell phone with FREE service, and you’ll earn money for it!

The Opportunity

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Q Link Wireless Agent Types

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Do you want to start your own home business? Are you a representative for an agency or charity? Do you already own a retail business? Do you have or want to start an online business? We have an opportunity for you! You can become a Q Link Agent, Agency Partner, Charity Associate, Retailer or Internet Marketer today!

  • Become a Q Link Agent

    Become a Q Link Agent

    Start your own home business and earn money by signing people up for a free cell phone with free monthly minutes.

  • Become a Q Link Agency Partner

    Become a Q Link Agency Partner

    Help spread the word about the Lifeline program while creating additional resources for your agency.

  • Become a Q Link Retailer

    Become a Q Link Retailer

    Generate more money for your retail business by teaching people how to get a free phone from Q Link Wireless.

  • Become a Q Link Internet Marketer

    Become a Q Link Internet Marketer

    Make money for your internet business by showing people how to get a free phone from Q Link Wireless.

  • Become a Q Link Charity Associate

    Become a Q Link Charity Associate

    Help bring awareness about the Lifeline program, while creating additional revenue for your charity.

The Lifeline Program & Q Link Wireless

Why You Need to Join the Movement NOW

The Opportunity

Over 100 Million Americans receive government assistance.*

still do not have Lifeline

*According to the 2011 US Census Bureau.

Lifeline Agents

The Lifeline Assistance Program is a government benefit created in the 1980s by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under President Reagan. The program originally gave eligible low-income individuals living in America access to landline telecommunication services. In response to emerging technologies and societal preference Lifeline was updated in 2005 to also include wireless phone service. Lifeline does not provide the free cell phones to eligible customers. Instead, Lifeline providers such as Q Link Wireless provide the cell phones as a way to help people in need. When you join the Q Link Outreach Program, you will be an integral part of Q Link Wireless’ mission of connecting people with life-essential telecommunication services, regardless of income status.

qlink logoQ Link Wireless is an approved provider of the government-supported Federal Lifeline Assistance Program. In fact, the company is one of the fastest-growing Lifeline providers in the country. Q Link Wireless gives a free cell phone plus free monthly minutes to qualified individuals and families across America. There’s tens of millions of people eligible to receive Lifeline that do not already have it. So join the movement today and help Q Link Wireless connect people to their world, regardless of income status.